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From my facebook note of :

accessories work

1) ladles to dissolve the wax pot on stove (best non-stick)
2) a container like mold, plastic, glass, aluminium (from puddings or pie charts) of the shape that you want. Even    cardboard but you can use it once.

the "consumables"

1) beeswax or natural carnauba, however, perhaps incense reduced in podwer  (or other resin) added to the wax melting phase
2) pieces of metal, to do a mix of metals (works only with aluminum but it would be better to include iron and copper at least). You can go from a firm that makes gutters for copper and making frames for aluminum, YOU clean machines and theY thanks ... also a blacksmith. But you can also use many things cooking (baking paper, aluminium, aluminium trays always metal sponges, tacks, drawing pins, Staples etc etc etc to find metals depend only on your imagination.
3) mineral or gemstone or Crystal (whatever you want)


Melt the wax in the saucepan and add us if you want natural resins recedes, bake a little powdered, coli mold leaving a few cm of space if it is less if big is small. We throw into the mix of metals up approximately in half and then we put the Crystal. Continue to throw metals up to cover the Crystal (or mineral) and fill the container, if necessary add a little wax at end if a little metal still comes out of wax.
Wait that cools and then extract the container (if you have anointed within it will be easier and orgonite longer brilliant). The flip out like you've done and ready. There you may support other mineral crystal above or for further energy. Also putting it in a pot with metal or bin it enhances greatly.

Il primo orgonite naturale esagono, 19 agosto 2010 <3Il primo orgonite naturale esagono, 19 agosto 2010 <3
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I did this note several years ago, in the hope many persons would pass from plastic orgonite production, to beeswax (or natural resins) one. But is happened the contrary, and plastic orgonite sites, pages, and pictures grow ever more, arriving now at 300.000 sites, i remain alone in this.

Do it and check by yourself the results.

Marco Matteucci aka Marek Sheran

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